音频修复降噪神器 – iZotope RX Pro for Music 9.1.0 WiN

音频修复降噪神器 – iZotope RX Pro for Music 9.1.0 WiN-kk音频应用
音频修复降噪神器 – iZotope RX Pro for Music 9.1.0 WiN
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VST VST3 Standalone | File Size: 1.1 GB

业界领先的音频修复和编辑软件,深受音频工程师信赖! RX Pro for Music 为您提供必要的插件,用于润色人声和乐器录音、隔离音轨或完全重新平衡混音。

有了 Music Rebalance,没有混音是“最终的”。使用经过机器学习训练的算法,Music Rebalance 会从您的歌曲中分离或去除人声,或者将每个音乐元素分成单独的词干进行单独处理。




清理乙烯基咔嗒声,软化咔嗒声低音吉他等等。低延迟算法使您可以在 DAW 或 NLE 中直接使用 De-click,而不会引入同步问题。


一次处理多个音频文件。在处理之前查看音频文件中的相关元数据,然后使用 Module Chain 应用完整系列的处理器。最后,以多种文件格式和位深度导出您的文件,以获得最佳效率和组织——非常适合为定制的样本库提炼数百个样本。

水平滚动内置于直观的频谱图显示中。使用触控板上的滚动手势或鼠标和光标在 X 轴上滚动音频或进行闪电般的快速编辑。


32 音频标签限制
快速处理大量维修。 RX Pro for Music 允许您在 RX Audio Editor 中查看和编辑多达 32 个文件,因此您可以在更短的时间内以更高的效率和应用程序内的空间覆盖更多的领域。

The industry-leading audio repair and edit software trusted by audio engineers! RX Pro for Music gives you the essential plug-ins necessary for polishing vocal and instrument recordings, isolating tracks, or fully rebalancing a mix.

Music Rebalance
With Music Rebalance, no mix is “final.” Using an algorithm trained with machine learning, Music Rebalance isolate or remove vocals from your song, or separate each musical element into separate stems for individual processing.

Loudness Control
With preset targets for virtually every current loudness standard, a Loudness Gate that prevents periods of silence from skewing your loudness readings, and numeric and histogram displays for integrated, short-term, and momentary loudness, your music is sure to be clear, and appropriately loud.

Guitar De-noise
Refine your guitar recordings for maximum clarity in seconds. Manage sounds that can unintentionally be emphasized by the effect of compression or limiting, like electrical amp noise and interference, distracting fret or string squeaks, and harsh pick attacks.

Remove ground loop hum and line noise. The detection and reduction algorithm features independent frequency reduction bands, and an intuitive interface.

Clean up vinyl clicks, soften up click-y bass guitars, and more. The low-latency algorithm enables you to use De-click right within your DAW or NLE without introducing sync issues.

Voice De-noise
Fine-tuned for vocal application, reduce unwanted steady state or changing background noise like air conditioning, refrigerator hum, and amp hiss.

Batch Processor
Process several audio files in one simple pass. View pertinent metadata in your audio files prior to processing, then apply a full series of processors with Module Chain. At the end of it all, export your files in multiple file formats and bit depths for optimal efficiency and organization—perfect for refining hundreds of samples for custom-made sample libraries.

Horizontal Scrolling
Horizontal scrolling is built into the intuitive Spectrogram Display. Use the scroll gesture on your trackpad or mouse with your cursor to scroll through your audio across the X-axis or lightning fast edits.

Repair Assistant
Repair Assistant offers different processing suggestions to help give you the best results, as well as three different intensities (light, medium, or aggressive) for each. Review and audition different suggestions, hit render, and let Repair Assistant do the rest for you!

32 Audio Tab Limit
Tackle lots of repairs, quickly. RX Pro for Music allows you to view and edit up to 32 files within RX Audio Editor, so you can cover more ground in less time with greater efficiency and in-app real estate.

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